Tech City / Innovation Level Partners

  1. Honeywell

    Honeywell International is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide.

  2. CivicPlus

    The mission at CivicPlus is to help make local government work better.

  3. The Jefferson Health Plan

    The Jefferson Health Plan is a non-profit, partially self-insured health care program designed to provide economical health care and related insurance benefits to Ohio public entities through group purchasing.

  4. CT Consultants

    CT Consultants has grown by continuing the philosophy established more than 92 years ago — dedication to client needs by serving each and every client in a manner that is distinctive and unique.

  5. OpenGov

    OpenGov is the market leader for government financial transparency, data visualization, and business intelligence software.

  6. Enterprise Fleet Management

    Enterprise Fleet Management is a nationally recognized Fleet Management Company with local, dedicated account management. Enterprise Fleet provides full-service management for companies and government agencies and organizations operating medium-sized fleets of 20 + light duty, medium duty, and Police Vehicles.

  7. CivicXpress

    CivicXpress is an eGovernment community development and permitting solution that empowers communities by digitizing their planning, permitting, inspection, and code enforcement forms and processes. The days of being buried in paper and waiting weeks if not months to get permits reviewed are officially over! Welcome to the CivicXpress age!