ZenCity is a data analytics tool built especially for city managers. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), ZenCity automatically collects and analyzes hundreds-of-thousands of citizen-generated data points from sources like social media, city hotlines and more. ZenCity enables decision makers to instantly analyze and leverage this information, giving them access to citizen feedback in real-time, and over time.

ZenCity’s platform provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute insights and metrics on resident feedback through a customizable dashboard, tailored especially to city managers, and currently being used by city managers in five different states. Ultimately, ZenCity provides city managers and other city decision-makers with three essential layers of information:

1) What citizens are talking about, categorized into city-centric topics;

2) How citizens feel about different city-related issues with real-time sentiment analysis; and

3) What the most important topics of the day are, enabling cities to prioritize efforts and resources in the long-term while keeping their finger on the pulse of their city

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