Posted on: October 25, 2017

OCMA Board Appoints Kenneth Wilson, Vice-Chair of OCMA Membership Services Committee

Kenneth Wilson pic

Kenneth Wilson, County Administrator, Franklin County, was recently appointed Vice-Chair of the Membership Services Committee by the OCMA Board at the October 12, 2017 board meeting.  Mr. Wilson has served as County Administrator since January 2015. Prior to that, Mr. Wilson was Deputy County Administrator for Resource Management, overseeing several agencies including Job and Family Services, the County's largest social service agency.  Prior to joining the County, Mr. Wilson was a Director of Policy for the Ohio Senate Minority Caucus.  Mr. Wilson holds a Masters in Public Administration from Ohio University and a Bachelor of Arts from James Madison College at Michigan State University, where he majored in Public Affairs, Metropolitan Studies and Business.   Professionally, Mr. Wilson serves as Chairperson of the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio, Vice Chairperson of the National Association of Counties (NACo) Initiative Advisory Board and is a member of other NACo and community organization committees.

When asked why he is interested in serving on the Membership Services Committee, Mr. King responded that he would add a lot from an advocacy standpoint and would be able to encourage more county involvement in OCMA.  In addition, Mr. King noted that he is excited about the possibility of being linked with students affiliated with OCMA and ICMA and the opportunity to build the next generation of leaders in public service. 

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