2022 ICMA Conference Columbus/Franklin County
September 17-21, 2022



We Need Your Support
Critical Need for Conference Volunteers
Sign up by August 30, 2022

New volunteers: 

Existing volunteers/to add more shifts: 
Rosterfy Login > Experience Columbus

There are 455 shifts and only 25% of the shifts are filled. Our goal is to reach 100% by Tuesday, August 30.

Who Can Volunteer?
We are particularly seeking public servants – your employees! Consider interns seeking knowledge, rising stars who should be rewarded, directors who strive to be a city manager or county administrator, retirees who continue to give back and pay forward.

How Long is a Shift?
Three hours. Yes, just three hours. Of course, your employees can sign up for multiple shifts.

What Are the Perks?
As volunteers, your employees will receive an up close and personal experience with local government professionals from all over the world. Volunteers also receive complimentary admission to non-ticketed events on the day they volunteer. And, of course, a free T-shirt.

Most Urgent:
Bag stuffing on Friday (September 16, 2022)
Sporting Events
Tuesday Closing Reception (September 20, 2022)

What’s at Stake?
Our reputation. OCMA gets one chance every 20 years or so to welcome the world to Columbus/Franklin County for the Annual ICMA Conference. We all agree that the attendee experience should be stellar. And we know that our volunteers will make a significant difference in how the world views our communities and our association.

What’s the Call to Action?
Recruit and secure volunteers TODAY. Make it a goal to secure two or maybe even 10 – we are counting on you to help us reach our goal. Visit: https://columbus.rosterfy.com/invite/IMCA_Volunteer For more information contact the OCMA Secretariats at 614.247-8823 or ocmaohio@gmail.com.